1 /nekst/ determiner
1 the next house, room etc is the one that is closest to you: I asked the woman at the next table what time it was. | They could be heard arguing from the next room.
2 the next event, day, time etc is the one that happens after the present one: the next train/meeting/class etc: The next episode was watched by over 10 million anxious viewers. | If they win the next election they have promised to reform the health service. | I've just missed the flight to Chicago, what time's the next one? | the next few weeks/three years etc: Over the next couple of months, try to relax more and take more exercise. | next Monday/July/year etc: We're hoping to reopen the factory some time next year. | (the) next day: She called me and we arranged to meet the next day. | (the) next time: Next time I take a cab, I'll be more careful.
—compare last 1 (1)
3 the next person or thing in a list, a series, a line of people etc is the one that you come to after the one that you are dealing with at the present time: The letter continues on the next page. | The next interviewee has a degree in geography and plenty of work experience. | The cottage is just around the next bend in the road.
a) the next biggest/smallest etc the one that is a bit bigger, smaller etc than the one you are talking about: The hotel was full and the next nearest was over 20 miles away.
b) the next best thing the thing that is almost as good as something else: If butter is too expensive use the next best thing - margarine.
—see also: next of kin kin (2) 2 adverb
1 immediately afterwards: Being a doctor is a great life, you never know what will happen next. | The mixture is heated to a temperature of 40ºC. Next, it is poured into a mould and left to cool. | Where do you think you'll travel next?
2 next to
a) situated very close to someone or something with nothing in between: There was a little girl sitting next to him. | The church is on the left, next to the school.
b) used when giving a list of things you like or prefer etc in order to say what is first in the list: Next to soccer, squash is the sport I'm best at.
3 next to nothing very little: He knows next to nothing about antiques.
4 the next time: When I next saw her she completely ignored me.
3 pronoun
1 the person or thing in a list, a series, a line of people etc that you come to after the one that you are dealing with at the present time: Un, deux, trois...what comes next? | You're next Mrs Williams. The doctor will be ready in a moment.
2 the day/week etc after next the day, week etc that follows the next one: Have you remembered it's Susie's birthday the week after next?
3 the next to last the one before the last one: We'll need to buy some more ink. I'm on the next to last bottle at the moment.
4 next (please) used to tell someone that it is now their turn to speak or their turn to do something
5 be next in line to be the next person to become king, a leader etc

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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